Turkish frigates visited Neum

{gallery}newsletters/5/5/1{/gallery} Two Turkish warships visited the coastal town of Neum from 18 to 21 June during their peace and stability-keeping mission in the Mediterranean. The visit was also as a token of friendship and military cooperation between Republic of Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Two Turkish frigates, TCG Kemal Reis (F-247) and TCG Giresuni (F-491) were anchored in Neum-Klek bay. Local civil and military delegations visited them, as well as the local press.

Since 2003, warships of friendly countries have sailed into the bay once or twice a year to visit BiH. However, the inhabitants of Neum were never too happy with the presence of foreign military ships in their harbor. This time, a larger group of representatives of the local community addressed the media by a letter in order to protest and voice their discontent towards the sailing of warships, cargo ships and tourist ships into Neum-Klek Bay. With the letter, they wanted to remind the Bosnian public, as well as broader public affected by media, that Neum-Klek Bay is an ecologically protected area. They also expressed concern that the sailing of large ships might endanger the area.

{gallery}newsletters/5/5/2{/gallery}Turkish frigates TCG Kemal Reis (F-247) and TCG Giresuni (F-491) are a part of a Turkish Operative Group in Mediterranean. The group consists of four frigates, one oil tanker and a helicopter under command of the Turkish Rear Admiral, and it demonstrates permanent presence with the purpose of stability and security keeping in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Photo: BiHDoD